Download The Montclair Local Mobile App


We've just made it easier to take Montclair Local Nonprofit News with you wherever you go.

You can now download the Montclair Local app for Apple devices and Android. Get instant alerts about breaking news, send photos and videos to our team, save articles for reading later, set alarms, check the weather and connect in more ways, more often with the nonprofit news team working to serve the Montclair community every day.

Key Features:
• Read the latest news, watch videos and view photo galleries all about Montclair
• Spot something newsworthy? Submit photos or videos to our team, directly from the app
• Get the latest weather, including a five-day forecast
• Get alerts for breaking news, only and always about Montclair (you'll also have the option to set do-not-disturb times on the weekend or after hours)
• Check out the latest episodes of the "Our Montclair" video and podcast series
• Save articles for reading later (including when you don't have an Internet connection)
• Get quick access to Montclair Local's coronavirus tracker, updated daily
• Take part in contests run by Montclair Local and its partners
• Community event listings (coming soon!)
• Share the latest news via Facebook and Twitter

This is the first version of the Montclair Local Nonprofit News' app; we've got more features planned down the line as well. Share your feedback and ideas for future features by hitting the “Send App Feedback” link in the app's menu.