by Andrew Garda

Being a goalkeeper is hard in any sport, but sophomore Amelia Platt has really stepped up for Montclair High School soccer this season. Platt has made 88 saves and helped the Mounties to four shutouts in 2017, and with a 2-1 win over Mount St. Dominic on Saturday in the Essex County Tournament, she’ll need to make more to help her team win a County title.

It’s not always smooth or easy, but Platt can do it because of the support of her teammates.

“For me it can be hard, sometimes I drop my head and I get negative,” she said Saturday. “But then I watch my whole team and they pick me up. They keep positive.”

Platt was nice enough to take a moment after Saturday’s win to let us help Montclair get to know her a little better.


What’s your favorite subject?

Math, because it’s the same everywhere. It sounds cheesy but, I go to camp and I do math with all my friends. I help them with homework and it’s interesting because in different schools you can read different books, but in math it’s [the same] every time. And I love it because when you work on a really hard problem and you get it right, it’s so satisfying.

What do you do for fun?

Homework? [Laughing] I like to go out to dinner with my friends because I like to catch up with them. I feel like I’m so busy all the time, so if I can have a conversation it’s nice to hear about their lives.

Who is a player you admire?

I love watching Nora [Giordano], because she is always so positive to me. She thinks of every single person on the field and she always says “good job.” [She’s] a great captain and leader. I don’t know if she knows how inspirational she is to everyone else. Everyone looks up to her and she’s still so humble about it.

If you could have three people to dinner, who would they be?

That’s a hard question but ... Michelle Obama, Pele and Michael Jackson.