by Andrew Garda

Montclair High School goaltender Lucas Podvey wanted to make sure the official Mounties hockey Twitter account got the stats right.

You can’t blame him for wanting to make sure every save was counted after he’d just faced down a 30-shot onslaught from a dynamic Montclair Kimberley Academy team, helping the Mounties to a 4-3 victory.

Podvey has been a big reason for a lot of wins this season, as the Mounties lean on his .925 save percentage.

He says he couldn’t do it without his defense however, pointing to guys like Will Schiffenhaus, Kellum Foster-Palmer, James Kaz and Harry Bylin.

“Harry and James, it’s their first time playing [on Varsity], so they’ve grown as the season has gone on,” Podvey said. “Schiff and I play club together, so that helps a lot, and we’ve been together since August.”

Podvey and the Mounties found themselves weathering a coaching change this year too, with Pat Verney stepping aside and Mark Janifer taking over.

Podvey’s been through that before with lacrosse.

“I’m kind of used to it. This was a little bit easier since it was a guy I’ve known for two years and it’s mostly the same system. It’s just a little bit of tweaking here and there, so it’s been a smooth adjustment.”

Podvey was kind enough to take a few minutes post-win to talk to us for this week’s Athlete Spotlight:

Besides sports, what else do you do at MHS? I’m in the CGI [Civics and Government Institute] small learning community, so that takes up most of my time because third period we do a lot of civic engagement and a lot of government stuff. So that’s kind of my big stuff. I was in the Jewish student Union freshman year, but junior year I don’t have time.

What attracted you to CGI? I wanted to have smaller class sizes. I like that I have the same teachers for multiple years, and can build relationships. I’m interested in politics and stuff like that, so it drove me there.

Have you started thinking about a college focus? I actually want to go into communications and journalism, so but I might minor in political science, so we’ll see.

What do you do with your free time? I work out when I have downtime, but I really don’t have a lot of down time. I help out with the youth programs with lacrosse, but a lot of [what I do involves] sports.

What’s the difference between hockey and lacrosse for you? With goaltending I see everything. So I kind of generate a sense for the game differently. Lacrosse is much different, it takes more of a toll on my body because playing middie [I go] two ways. With goaltending it’s a lot of pressure, if the puck gets past you it goes into the net. That’s helped me with lacrosse because it’s a little less pressure, if I make a mistake it’s not going in the net it’s just going out of bounds or with the other team.