By Andrew Garda

While this may be junior Maddie Adams-Gurowitz’s first year on varsity, she’s already making a splash. She’s already scored two goals in just three starts, including what would end up a game-winner against crosstown rival Montclair Kimberley Academy on Thursday, Sept. 14.

“I think it was a deflection, either off their goalie or another of their players and then it came and deflected off me,” she said of the goal against MKA. “It came and was in the air and I finished it. She [the goalie] was diving for it and it went just past her hand.”

For a junior still working to establish herself on a team filled with talent, Adams-Gurowitz knows she has to keep her nose to the grindstone.

“I’m gonna work as hard as I did [before] and even harder. I’m going to progress and try to be the strongest player I can and be a starter next year to help replace Becca [Van Siclen], who is clearly the MVP.”

That’s a tall order but luckily Adams-Gurowitz is no stranger to hard work on the field. Having started playing soccer in kindergarten and moved up through the ranks at Montclair United before moving to club soccer, she’s always pushed herself.

Adams-Gurowitz is also taking advantage of playing with Van Siclen, making sure she draws from the wealth of talent the senior forward has.

“She was the forward before me, for many years. So it’s good to take advice because she’s played in these games many, many times.”

If the last few games are any indication, when Van Siclen is talking, Adams-Gurowitz is definitely listening.

She was kind enough to give us a few minutes after the win over MKA to learn a little more about her.

Now that you’re back in school, what is your favorite class?

I took art in freshman and sophomore year but this year I didn’t get to take it because I needed credits for other classes. But that’s definitely my favorite class. I love art.

Is art something you might want to pursue eventually?

I’ve thought about it, and it might be something I want to do in college.

What do you do for fun?

I don’t really do much besides soccer. This is what I do and, besides art, this is what I’ve always done. This has been my primary free-time activity.

Do you have a favorite movie or is it all game film and “Shaolin Soccer”?

The movie “Baby Driver” about the getaway driver? That was a really good movie.

Do you have a favorite TV show?

I love “The Office.”

Is there a soccer player who inspires you to be better?

My friend and I go to Sky Blue FC games because they’re local. [Forward] Sam Kerr is definitely one of the players I look up to because she’s always finishing, always winning it for her team. And she’s just like a good person to follow. Her skills and her shots are always A-1.

What do you want out of this season?

I just want to be more comfortable on the ball, be able to do skills just like Becca does. But I also want to finish every game, finish hard and learn to be a leader.