by Andrew Garda

The Montclair High School boys soccer team wrapped up their regular season this past weekend with a 2-0 win over Bloomfield High School. Prior to that, the Mounties were focused on beating Caldwell 3-1, and then executing a 2-1 win over Montclair Kimberley Academy on Wednesday, October 10.

For senior Mason Davisson, the latter was a bigger deal.

“That could possibly be our most important game every season,” he said after the win. “Because no matter what, we want to defend the Cage, defend the town and let people know whose town it is.”

Davisson, who switched from defender to midfielder for the game, thinks the Mounties are building something special off last season’s success.

“I feel like we’ve taken what the seniors gave us last year, in terms of not just on the field, but off of it, and used it to add to this team and kind of push us the extra step we didn’t have [in 2017].”

Davisson and Mounties know an undefeated regular season is nice, but as they head to the Essex County Tournament, there’s more work to be done. Davisson took a few minutes to chat with us for this week’s Athlete Spotlight:


How do you handle a switch from playing defender to midfield?

I just make sure I’m ready for anything that happens. We’ve had injuries and everything that you can name so I just make sure my mentality is always good and I’m always mentally prepared for whatever happens.

Have you decided on a college?

I don’t like to name schools because of superstition, but I’m down to a couple of schools. I’m very excited and blessed to have that opportunity

What will you study?

Two things I’m interested in business and something kid of new, Sports Management. Not every school has that, but I’m looking at a couple of schools that do.

What do you love about soccer?

Obviously it’s a team sport, and most of the kids I’m on the team with I’ve played with since I was younger. That bond we have in unbreakable and I love that feeling. Going against the opposition with 10 brothers you have and anything can happen, but you stay together and there’s just a bond nobody can break.

You’ve been doing some off-field care, acupuncture and physical therapy. What led you to that?

Earlier in the season I had calf cramps on multiple occasions. I don’t want to have to be subbed off during the game, I want to play as much. So, I talked with Coach Weaver and my dad and was like what can I do? [I tried]  acupuncture, massage and physical therapy to try and keep my body at peak performance because we have soccer every day. I feel like anything I can do extra that can help me is good, and it’s definitely helped so far. My body’s been in pristine shape and I haven’t experienced any injuries.