by Andrew Garda

Scoring a game-winning goal — as Montclair High School field hockey forward Missy Wrede did against Glen Ridge to on Saturday, Oct. 14 — is a great feeling.

Doing it in overtime, to punch your team’s ticket to the Essex County Tournament finals?

That’s something a player will never forget.

“It’s such a great feeling, especially being a senior and having this type of game,” Wrede said after the win. “And especially against Glen Ridge, [because] it’s not just a game, it’s a lot more personal because they are such a big rival. It feels amazing and I know everyone on our team is so excited right now.”

“She’s an amazing kid,” coach Mary Pat Mercuro said of Wrede. “One of our captains ... and she’s one of the most unselfish players you’ll ever want to meet.”

Wrede, who has been with the varsity squad since the end of her freshman year, knows her team still has a lot of hard work to do before it plays West Essex on Saturday, Oct. 21, but knows her team can face anything as long as they stay together.

“We’re all in this together,” she said. “Even during our practices we’re still focused.”

She was kind enough to break that focus after the game to give The Montclair Local a few minutes of her time.

Field Hockey: Mounties head to Saturday ECT final with 1-0 OT win over Glen Ridge

When not winning games in overtime with a goal, what are your hobbies?

I’m in a couple clubs at Montclair High School. I’m in Sisters on the Runway, which is a nonprofit organization that works with and hosts fundraisers for women dealing with domestic violence. Something I’m also really interested in is working with special-needs kids. During the summer I work for a school for preschoolers who have special needs, which I really enjoy. That’s something I think I want to major in at college. And then I just like spending time with my teammates and my friends. And schoolwork is a pretty big deal.

Have you decided on a college? Are you planning on playing field hockey?

I’m still figuring college out. I want to play club field hockey and lacrosse.

Do you have a favorite TV show?

“Gilmore Girls.” My mom and I watch it together.

How about a favorite movie?

“Cheaper by the Dozen 2.’ My family loves that movie, because there are so many kids, which is like my family.

How big is your family?

Four kids. I’ve all brothers, too. I’m the third kid and I have two older brothers and a younger brother. And we’ve all played sports in high school so it’s very competitive in our house. We’re always outside playing lacrosse or whatever it is. We’re always outside.

Do you listen to music?

I really like Coldplay. That is probably my favorite band.

How about a favorite book?

“The Nightingale.” I just read it this summer.

If you could have three people — living, dead, real or fictional — to dinner, who would it be?

John F. Kennedy, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

Who inspires you?

My mom. Like I said before, I have three brothers, so my mom and I are really close. So she’s definitely my inspiration in life.