by Andrew Garda

While the outcome of Montclair High Schools girls lacrosse battle against Glen Ridge Monday was not what the team hoped for, the Mounties showed a lot of determination in fighting back to try and stay in the game.

One of the key pieces of that effort was senior Nora Giordano, who racked up five points — three assists and a pair of goals — while trying to keep her team in the game.

Giordano, who accepted a scholarship to play at Lehigh University this winter, has been working hard to help fill the gap left by the 2017 graduates.

She’s happy to say, though, that she is not doing so alone.

“We’re a young team and we lost a big group of girls to graduation, but a lot of the younger girls are stepping up,” Giordano said. “Two sophomores, Nanatte [Walls-Tarver] and Abby [Romano], are really stepping up and the two freshmen who made it onto the team are really hustling.”

Giordano took a few minutes to answer our questions and let us get to know her a little better this week.


Your sister, Katie, scored off an assist from you. How much fun is it playing with her?

We went from playing varsity soccer in the fall, and playing defense together, to playing offense together in lacrosse. It’s so much fun. Definitely one of the highlights of this season, We only get one year together, so we’re really savoring it. She’s really stepped up and is playing super-mature. It’s awesome we’re getting this season together.

Are you starting to think about Lehigh and college?

I already started at the beginning of this year and took advantage of the winter, when I wasn’t playing a sport. I got a workout packet from the team, and it’s very intense, especially the run test and the lift test. I’m working with a speed coach for the running test. It’s definitely a huge step up from the high school level and I’m ready for it and really excited actually. I’m following Lehigh’s season and they’re having a great one.

Have you been able to get to know the team more?

When they have home games, I go to all of them because it’s close. My family and I go and talk to the girls and the coaches. It’s super fun to see. The distance is a big reason why I picked it.

What are you going to study?

I am going into the business school.

What do you like to do for fun?

Hang out with my friends, regular high school stuff. In weather like this, my sisters and I go to the field and shoot. It’s probably what we do with most of our free time. Katie is the freshman, and we have another, younger sister who is in sixth grade who pulls her weight. We fire passes at her to get her left hand ready, so she’ll be ready for the high school.