by Andrew Garda

Sebastian and Stefan Urquidi may be twins, but they aren’t the same. Sure, they are both juniors on Montclair High School’s varsity cross country team and also run winter and spring track. And sure, their interests definitely mirror each other in a general way.

But crack the surface of these two runners, both of whom finished in the top 10 at last Friday’s Essex County Championships at Brookdale Park — Stefan taking fifth place in 15 minutes, 47.4 seconds, Sebastian in ninth in 15:59.7 — and you’ll find they’re easy enough to tell apart.


You’re big time gamers — what’s your favorite game right now?

Stefan: I’ve been struggling with video games just because, a lot of the new stuff that comes out is only really interesting for a little while. So I just have really been going back to the games that endure the test of time, Grand Theft Auto 5, Black Ops 2 — I love Black Ops 2, and I still think that’s the best first-person shooter of all time.

Sebastian: This could start a whole, deep conversation about how the industry is suffering, and games have lost their longevity. But I’d just say what I’m looking forward to this year would be Assassin’s Creed Origins and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Sea of Thieves. Hopefully, they live up to my expectations.

You love superhero shows, so which ones are your favorite?

Sebastian: I have yet to watch “The Gifted” but so far, I’ve really enjoyed “The Defenders.”

Stefan: The one I’m most involved in is “The Flash” just because of the amount of content they put out. It’s something you’re always watching. In terms of quality and the most enjoyable for that first-watch experience, I’d say “Legion” just because it’s really different. I feel like it was more sophisticated, and they didn’t do what a lot of other superhero shows [do], kind of petty, annoying problems. “Legion” stays on track and really is a more mature plot.

As sneaker collectors, what do you look for in a pair you’ve got to have?

Stefan: Really, there’s always certain classic colorways for Jordans, like the Chicago ones, the Whitesman 4s, Whitesman 3s. Blackmon 3s. There’s a lot of classic colorways people are going to go after. But as far as new stuff, it’s anything that catches my eye and that can be [because of] anything from design to colorways. And also of course, the athlete who’s endorsing it has influence on it. People like Kevin Durant, LeBron, Kyrie Irving all dropping shoes, the name of the athlete is going to play a role in it. Right now, I’m really into the “ugly shoes.” Shoes that either have colors that are kind of out there or designs that are a little different than what everyone else is wearing. A lot of it is standing out and representing your own personal style so I feel like having stuff not everyone is wearing is a key component.

Sebastian: This is a very dumbed-down answer but I just like what I like. But if this lends any insight into what I enjoy about a sneaker, my favorite pair ever would have to be the Whiteman 4s.

Big Baller Brand (Lonzo Ball’s sneaker) or no?

Stefan: For me it’s a no. It’s not because I don’t like what they’re doing. I think that having a family business and attempting that route of avoiding big companies is respectable. But I just don’t like the way Lavar [Ball] prices his shoes and the justification he uses for that price.

Sebastian: For me it’s a definite yes. I watch every episode of “Ball in the Family.” I do have to agree that the price is a little steep. Hopefully, what Big Baller Brand does is make that business model more accessible to athletes coming into the [NBA]. If they don’t lower their prices, hopefully someone else will start their own brand and do it in a more affordable way.