by Andrew Garda

It’s been a learning year for the Montclair Mounties girls basketball team, each game bringing new challenges. First-year head coach Emily Hall has been working her players hard to get them to buy into her method and strategy, and to do so, she’s needed her veterans to buy in.

One of the girls she leans on is senior Syncere Lambert.

And while the season hasn’t been as smooth as perhaps the team would like, Lambert sees a lot of good happening.

“I feel like, as a team, as a whole, we are actually fighting through whatever obstacle or challenge that we’re going through,” she said in a break at practice on Monday. “And I just feel like, it’s going well. Especially as a team, because we’re going through it together. We’re not so happy with the record, obviously, but we’re still trying to push through it and bring out the positive.”

As a leader, Lambert said that she has to be an example to the other players on the team.

“I look at it as, if I act out then — I have younger girls obviously, freshmen, sophomores, juniors — so if I act up as a senior, as a captain, then that’s giving them the OK,” Lambert said.

Lambert was kind enough to take a few moments to chat with us about that and more for this week’s spotlight.


What do you do for fun?

I love sleeping. I’m was a cheerleader for football, and a captain as well. And I love dancing.


What kind of music do you listen to?

For music, I have an old soul, so I listen to the Temptations and all that. I grew up on it with my dad always playing it in the car, so....


Was your dad a big influence on you?

Yeah, because he was a big athlete like myself. He played a bunch of sports, never gave his body a rest. So whenever I have a rough time, I can just go to him and ask for advice.


What’s your favorite class?

I’m taking English High Honors, and, my teacher, Ms. Crisafulli, has really changed around how I feel about English. I like her body language and positivity, and she feels more understanding. Being an athlete like I am and playing a bunch of sports, if I don’t understand something or I’m not feeling well, she tells me to take my time. She’s understanding.


Do you have a basketball inspiration?

[Former Mountie star] Myisha Hines-Allen. She’s so aggressive. I just found out this year that she had the same number as me when she played here.