I am concerned about the health and safety of our community. Why are we poisoning ourselves? When walking around town, I see “Pesticide Application” signs on the lawns of almost every third house. These are the same lawns that our children and pets play on. We read about the lawsuits for cancers caused by pesticide and herbicide products, like Roundup, every day, and yet we continue to spray these toxins around our homes and loved ones. Your pets and your shoes then bring these chemicals inside your homes.

The most alarming example of my concern occurred last spring. I passed a schoolyard in Upper Montclair where young children, supervised by teachers, were actually sitting in a small circle on the grass around a pesticide sign. Surely our children deserve better than this.

As a point of information, I have not used chemicals on my lawn since I moved here 20 years ago, and my lawn does not look any different from any of my neighbors’. Please, for all of our health, tell your lawn service that you do not want these harmful chemicals sprayed in your yard (you will save money, too). There are healthier alternatives. While you are at it, why not encourage them to use electric-based machines on your property that have a lower carbon footprint and cause less noise pollution.

Let’s work together to make Montclair a healthier town.

David Sanders