Voters statewide — as well as in Montclair — appear to have rejected a ballot measure to allow wagering on college sporting events.

With 97.48% of districts reporting as of 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, the measure was behind by 812,415 to 1,060,201, reports

In Montclair, with 31 of 35 voting districts reporting by that point, voters also rejected the measure — 4,397 voting yes, and 6,967 voting no.

Those results are unofficial, and do not include any provisional ballots or mail-in votes that hadn’t yet been processed. As of Monday, the Essex County Clerk’s office had received 2,915 of 5,982 requested mail-in ballots for Montclair, according to figures the office provided Montclair Local. No updated tally had yet been received.

If the vote had passed, the state Legislature could have passed laws permitting wagering on any college sport or athletic event — regardless of whether a New Jersey team is involved. The wagering would have been available only at casinos and current or former horse racetracks.