In 2017, when they were still Daisies, the girls who are now fifth graders with Junior Girl Scout Troop No. 20261 from Charles H. Bullock School planted a maple tree with Friends of Anderson, and named it Daisy Pancake.

They wanted to plant another tree before they entered middle school. So Friday, April 29, for Arbor Day, they planted a red maple (autumn blaze) at the north end of the park on the hellstrip next to Bellevue Avenue.

The girls were encouraged to collaborate on naming their newest tree. Creating a name using all of their choices, they settled on Charles Charlie Eid Pickles Jr. the 5th — or "Twiggy" for short.

The new name includes references to the namesake of their elementary school, one of their scout's departed dogs who loved Anderson Park, the end of Ramadan, a favorite snack, the fifth grade and a nickname.

Friends of Anderson Park trustee Adam Grace assisted the troop with planting their maple tree. After the Scouts planted the tree, they measured the big Olmsted Oak and learned how to calculate its age. It's about 250 years old.

Also for Arbor Day, Brownie Troop No. 20031 and Daisy Troop No. 20478 planted two dogwoods — a Kousa and a white flowering, near the south end of the park — between Princeton Place and Edgemont Road.

Before planting the trees, Lisanne Renner, historian and co-founder of Friends of Anderson Park shared with the children some history of Anderson Park while passing around old photographs of the Anderson Family and of what the park once looked like.

Photos by Kate Albright/For Montclair Local

Tree plantings at Anderson Park