The decline of New Jersey residents hospitalized for COVID-19 continued this weekend as the state begins loosening its restrictions. According to the state COVID-19 dashboard, yesterday showed 1,245 new cases announced Sunday morning, nearly identical to the 1,239 new cases listed on Saturday. The state announced Sunday that 107 residents had died from the virus, down slightly from the 115 deaths announced Saturday.

Hospitalizations dropped to 3,411 as of Saturday night, 950 fewer than a week prior, while the number of patients in critical care declined to 1,030, 300 fewer than a week prior.

The state's number of total cases stood at 146,334 as of Sunday, and the death toll from the virus was 10,356.

Since last Sunday, the state has reported approximately 7,800 new cases and 1,100 deaths from the virus; those numbers also represent a decline from the week prior (May 3-10), when the state reported roughly 11,800 cases and 1,400 deaths.

As on previous Sundays, Gov. Phil Murphy did not hold a live press briefing. The state posted its numbers at 1 p.m.

The Montclair Health Department reports that the confirmed the confirmed number of COVID-19 cases in Montclair has increased from 397 to 398; the number of individuals who did not survive the illness remains at 47.

In order to respect the privacy of these individuals and their families, no further information can be provided regarding cases or deaths that have occurred in Montclair.

Murphy announced yesterday that fishing charters, charter boat companies and watercraft rental companies could open for business today.

State beaches are set to open on Memorial Day weekend, with Ocean City, Sea Isle and Strathmore opening this weekend as a test run. Parks and golf courses reopened earlier this month.

Tomorrow, May 18, non-essential retail businesses will be allowed to reopen, but for curbside pickup only.

Morris and Bergen Counties will be opening drive-in movie theaters. As of Sunday, there is  no word on whether or not Essex County will open any.

However, Murphy warned the public that he will reverse these openings if there are health consequences.

State officials have not yet made a decision about public schools and colleges will hold classes online or virtually in the fall. Public school graduations will be held virtually this year. Montclair High School graduation will take place on June 24.


According to the state, Essex County continues to have the most fatalities. Hudson County continues to have the highest number of cases, surpassing Bergen County; it now lists 17,447. Bergen County shows 17,361.

Numbers released by Essex County officials show 16,204 positive cases for the county, with 1,535 deaths. Demographic charts created by Essex County officials show that 63.4 percent of the cases are in the age group 30 to 64, with the highest singles percentage, 33.5 percent, in ages 30 to 49. Women make up 51.4 percent of cases, with men 48.3 percent.

The death rates by age, however, are older, with the highest single percentage, 36.5 percent, falling in ages 65 to 79. Those 65 and older make up 71.8 percent of all deaths, and those aged 30 to 49 only amount for 5.7 percent of deaths.

And though women have slightly more positive cases of COVID-19, men have significantly more deaths: 55.6 percent of all deaths are men, while only 44.4 percent are women.

Essex County Coronavirus Cases (from Essex County officials)

Updated: Sunday, May 17, 2020

Cumulative Confirmed COVID-19 Cases and Deaths

Essex County, NJ

Municipality5/16/20 5pm5/17/20 9amDeaths 5/17/20 am
Cedar Grove38138295
East Orange17261726176
Essex Fells19182
Glen Ridge35359
North Caldwell39394
South Orange92914
West Caldwell19719736
West Orange10881082152
Total 16199162041535
Negative tests (County)2404024542
Statewide positive145089
Statewide deaths10249