A Monroe, N.Y., man has been charged in connection with the disappearance of the historic clock at Lackawanna Plaza, but the details of the incident remain a mystery.

On July 9, an employee of the now-closed Pig & Prince restaurant in Lackawanna Plaza came to work and noticed the 300-pound bronze clock, which sat 30 feet above the ground in a wall in the former train terminal, was missing.

Montclair police detectives recovered the clock — and $5,000 in alcohol taken at the same time — on July 18, but many questions remain about how the robbery was even completed. The bronze clock is original to the building and has hung in the historic Lackawanna Train Station, the site of the recently closed restaurant, since 1913. The clock’s location and size indicates that removing it was no easy feat.

Police said Theocharis Hadjiyerou, 61, has been charged with receiving stolen property in the incident. He was not charged with theft. 

A person is charged with receiving stolen property when they knowingly take possession of an item they knew to be stolen.

An investigation into the stolen clock and alcohol remains ongoing, said Sgt. Terence Turner.

“I'm sorry, but that's all I can release now because it is still an active investigation,” Turner said. 

Pig & Prince owner and chef Mike Carrino held an auction of wares on June 25 after deciding to move out of the space.

The property was recently approved for a housing and retail redevelopment by Pinnacle and Hampshire, with the condition that the train waiting area, which housed the Pig & Prince, be retained in perpetuity due to its historic value.

Following leads, police were led to someone who was picking up items purchased from the June 25 auction. They recovered the clock and returned it to the Lackawanna Station, while the alcohol was returned to Carrino, though it was reported to have been all spoiled.