Thanks for your wonderful remembrance of Coach Howard Finney. I played for the Cobras from 1976 to 1979, and on his “varsity” team around 1980.

I was a tall, scrawny kid with crazy hair and nary a glimmer of athletic talent. Coach Finney worked with me, and his admonition to “never quit” resonates with me today relative to my family, career and life.

Coach Finney was less a coach than a third parent. He yelled a tad more than Mom and Dad, but his messages were just as well-intended and meaningful. When he ran for Montclair’s Township Council, as a high-school student, I went door-to-door across Montclair handing out flyers for him, and otherwise talking him up to whoever answered their door.

I went on to play football in high-school and college, but Coach Finney’s lessons extended far beyond the gridiron.

Chris Wood
Washington, D.C.


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