The March 24 Council Meeting will be available remote only to the public.

In an effort to minimize the council and public exposure to COVID-19 and to maintain social distancing practices, the March 24 Township Council meeting will only be available remotely to the public.

The meeting will be available for viewing on Montclair TV34 (Comcast and Verizon channels 34) and on the TV34 YouTube channel.
The public comment portion of the meeting will be conducted remotely. Residents who want to participate in the public comment portion should dial 425-535-9484 at the start of a meeting.
Participants will be put in a queue. The administrator will notify callers using the last two digits of their phone numbers which will be displayed in the system. For example, a caller with the phone number 937-555-5555 will hear the administrator say "number 5-5" it is your turn to speak. The caller will then hear the word "UNMUTE" and will be offered the opportunity to make his or her comment.
The agenda for Tuesday's meeting contains mainly the municipal budget and a few housekeeping items. Click here to read in full.
Moving forward and until the pandemic is over, public meetings will be conducted in this manner.