The newly formed collective made up of local artists, musicians, and community activists, Indie Arts Montclair (I AM), is in need of a logo that represents their mission. A logo design contest is being held and is open to all local residents who would like to participate.

Contestants are invited to create a logo using the medium of their choice. The logo must include the words “Indie Arts Montclair” and artists should keep in mind that the design will be used in print, website, and social media formats. Full contest rules and details can be found at

“We want the entries to reflect the mission and spirit of Indie Arts Montclair, which is to support and promote independent and DIY artists in and around the Montclair area,” says Greg Pason of Indie Arts Montclair. “But we put very few rules and guidelines around the contest on purpose. We are excited to see what people come up with.” I AM will operate as a grassroots style resource by providing networking and collaboration through music performances, art installations, skill shares, podcasts, an interactive calendar of events, a directory of DIY arts spaces, and much more.

The contest is currently open and ends on September 24, 2017. To enter, send digital submissions to Or, bring your hardcopy submission to Creativity Caravan, 28 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair.

The winner of the contest will be determined by voting that will take place from September 25 through September 30. Everyone and anyone can vote via the I AM Facebook page, or in-person at Creativity Caravan, where the entries will be on display.

The winning logo will be revealed on October 1 during the Open Streets Festival/Tour de Montclair.

For more information about the contest or about how you can participate in I AM contact or look us up on Facebook: