My husband, John Sieck, and I have lived in our home since February 1982. We receive the Montclair Local every week, and before that, The Montclair Times.

I am aware there are several areas and streets in Montclair and Upper Montclair where many deer roam. Fortunately, in my neighborhood, I see very few, and of course, that does please me.

I live on North Fullerton toward the end, Wildwood Avenue. I have noticed lately there are a number of deer that graze on the very large property, 333 Park Street, Upper Montclair [northeast corner of Wildwood Avenue], and often cross the street, and then return to 333 Park Street. They graze on the edge of the property, on Wildwood Avenue, although the address is listed as Park Street. I gather they choose this home because it is a very large property with lots of foliage and grass.

I have seen several almost accidents, although luckily, this corner of Wildwood Avenue and Park Street is not an incredibly busy area.

Kathy Stollmack