Montclair Public Schools staff members were honored at the Feb. 6 Board of Education meeting for being named 2018-19 Governor’s Educator of the Year recipients. They were selected by their schools for their educational innovation, student achievement and important services outside the classroom environment that lead to student success.

This year’s Governor’s Educator of the Year recipients were as follows:

  • Shawn Finnerty, fifth-grade math teacher, Bradford School;
  •  Megan Randall, speech and language pathologist, Bradford School;
  • Georgette Mbayed, second-grade teacher, Charles H. Bullock School
  • Dr. Grace Ann Furnari, psychologist, Charles H. Bullock School
  • Avril Fagan, fourth-grade teacher, Edgemont School;
  • Sade Henry, psychologist/SAC, Edgemont School;
  • Amanda Senior, fourth-grade math/science teacher, Hillside School;
  • Robert Hastings, second-grade special education teacher, Nishuane School;
  • Karyn Maliszewski, second-grade teacher, Northeast School;
  • Danielle Schragen, school counselor/anti-bullying specialist, Northeast School;
  • Birdean Clinton, curriculum support teacher (grades K-2), Watchung School;
  •  Kate Megdanis, math teacher, Buzz Aldrin Middle School;
  • Courtney Anderson, language arts teacher, Glenfield School;
  • Rachel Dunn, sixth-grade social studies teacher, Renaissance School;
  • Andrea Smith-Morgan, special education teacher, Montclair High School.