Ember Choral Arts, a semi-professional performing ensemble founded in 1995, will present two live and virtual performances titled "Can We Talk? ... About Our friends." The concerts will reflect Ember's programing "centering on music with a message, and is intended to inspire mutually respectful conversation between individuals and groups who are at odds regarding difficult issues spanning race, gender and inequality," the group said in an announcement of the concerts.

The concerts will be performed by the ensemble singers, which include active professional musicians, young emerging professionals and experienced avocational musicians.

Composers include Marques L.A. Garrett, Kyle Pederson, Chen Yi, Carlos Cordero, Erik Esenwalds and Craig Hella-Johnson. Selections reflect Asian Americans, Black Americans and the LGBTQ community. They include selections from "Glee" and "Selma."

“By singing stunning music of Asian and Black musicians, as well as the LGBTQ community, it is our goal to awaken fresh awareness around what we share, rather than what can divide us,” Ember Choral Arts artistic director Deborah Simkin King said in an announcement from the gorup. “The concert is framed by selections with a specific message having to do with the power of friendship. Music has such a unique ability to reach directly into the heart and soul — to open us in new ways. We are often able to connect through music in ways that bypass intellectual positioning. We believe these concerts will lift and inspire a joyful, heartfelt coming together — perhaps even seeing the audience singing with us at times on some of the familiar titles.”

A first performance will be Saturday March 26 at 7 p.m. at the St. John's In the Village, located at 218 West 11th Street in NYC. A Sunday, March 27 performance will be held at Out Lady of Mount Carmel Church, at 94 Pine St. in Montclair. That concert will begin at 5 p.m.

Ember Choral Arts will present additional concerts in May that will include two premiers inspired by Jared Diamond's book "Collapse."

Tickets are $25 and are available online at embersarts.org/20212022-season. For more information, contact 888-407-6002. The concerts will be livestreamed through the website.