Montclair has renewed its contract with Stamford, Conn.-based Extra Duty Solutions, which works with towns and cities to schedule off-duty police officers. 

Police officers are occasionally asked to perform work outside of their usual patrol duties, including directing traffic around construction sites, road work or film shoots. The Montclair Police Department has handed off that scheduling and billing to Extra Duty.

The township first contracted with the company in 2019 for one year, with the option to renew for up to two years. The new two-year contract was approved on Nov. 18.

Township Manager Timothy Stafford said that, prior to the Extra Duty contract, when MPD officers were asked to do off-duty work, an officer had to be at police headquarters, filling out the extra-duty schedule, which can be time-consuming. Having Extra Duty Solutions do the work means that officers can be back out on patrol. 

Montclair officials did not provide information on how many times Extra Duty had assisted the township during the period of the first contract. 

The township is not responsible for paying for the company’s services. Instead, the person or business that requests the off-duty services has to pay an administrative fee to Extra Duty, as well as the fee that goes to the township. The company did not provide information on how the administrative fee is calculated. 

Extra Duty works with those making requests on scheduling the outside work, and Extra Duty follows each police department’s rules and regulations, including on costs and pay rates, in doing so, said Adam Bryan, the company’s head of operations. 

Police officers may request extra duty in addition to their usual patrol duties, and extra duty assignments are given to those who have requested it, according to the township code. However, assignments must be given so that an officer does not work more than six days in one week, unless during a time of emergency. Officers are compensated at their regular salary rate, prorated. 

For a police officer to work at a construction site, direct traffic or work at a film or commercial shoot, all of which is considered extra duty, the MPD charges the client $71 per hour, plus a $4 administrative fee. If a police vehicle is involved, an extra $10 per hour is added. Furthermore, the minimum charge is for four hours: For example, one officer on duty would result in a minimum charge of $300, or $340 if a vehicle is involved. 

Since the township has worked with Extra Duty, the police have been paid $369,486 for extra-duty work, said Township spokesperson Katya Wowk.

Extra Duty works with 88 police departments and law enforcement agencies in 16 states. The company has collected $51 million for its work in the past 12 months. In New Jersey, Extra Duty works for 50 police departments, including West Orange. 

Bryan said Montclair was one of the first 10 municipalities in the state to start working with his company.

Stafford said: “It serves all purposes, and it’s at no cost to the township whatsoever.”