The Montclair Township Animal Shelter has pet food available for those who lost supplies during the flooding from Ida this week. Its own supplies were protected after the shelter lost some donated goods in an earlier storm, just a week prior.

Residents who need pet food can contact 973-744-8600, and the shelter can set aside one bag per pet. It says it has various brands of cat and dog dry food for the taking.

"We love the support of our community and we love supporting our community," the animal shelter said in a Facebook post Friday.

Michele Shiber, Montclair's animal control supervisor, said the shelter fared well during the storm —  "minus some ceiling leaks in our second floor cat rooms and a little bit of flooding in the basement due to water seepage down the walls."

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The week prior, during heavy rains, the shelter found its sump pump wasn't operating and suffered about 6 inches of flooding in its basement. It lost enough donated items to fill a Dumpster, Shiber said.

"You have no idea how much a case of toilet paper weighs when it's soaking wet!" she wrote in an email to Montclair Local.

The shelter had just finished putting down new wooden pallets and stocking its salvaged items on higher shelving earlier this week, so the water in its basement during Ida didn't cause any real damage, she said.

"We are very concerned for our neighbors and township residents. We had seen some crazy videos of what appeared to be lakes and rivers within the streets of Montclair during the storm," Shiber wrote.

The shelter was closed Thursday to assess any possible damage and give staff time to deal with flooding issues in their own home, but was back open Friday.

— Louis C. Hochman