The mayor and council is urging Essex County to retain the existing crosswalk running across Bloomfield Avenue at the intersection with Glenridge Avenue when it overhauls Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair next year.

Plans include removing the light at Glenridge Avenue, keeping the other nine already located on Bloomfield, and adding two lights at Midland Avenue and Seymour Street.

Glenridge Avenue would become one-way in the opposite direction than currently, allowing motorists to make a right-hand turn from Bloomfield onto Glenridge. Plans call for the elimination of the Bloomfield Avenue crosswalk at Glenridge. County officials said pedestrians would instead have the option of using crosswalks at South Fullerton Avenue and Seymour Street. 

The project will encompass a 1.2-mile section beginning at the intersection of North and South Mountain avenues to the intersection of Maple Avenue and Pine Street.