My family moved to Montclair from Arizona two years ago. and despite the difficult pandemic-related timing, have found the town to be a wonderful community of people full of beautiful historic homes. We are grateful to be here.

While it's overall a wonderful place to live, the taxes paid by Montclair residents are shocking. We support a certain level of taxes to fund things such as Montclair's good school system.

Other public uses of tax money are entirely inefficient, and our public leaders need to apply fiscal discipline to the city. Although police officers should be well-compensated, using their expensive time to help citizens cross the streets around schools in the morning is entirely inefficient. Do we really need a police officer sitting in their car near every electrical or sewage project happening in Montclair? Most places do just fine with traffic cones.

Another example — having multiple waste collectors on each truck rather than the mechanized arms found on trucks in other states is a waste of public money. Labor expenses are higher, and the resulting smaller bins require more frequent pick-ups.

I appreciate the work that police officers and waste collectors do to serve our community, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't use their time more efficiently.

Higher taxes can lead to a better community but there is a limit that Montclair has certainly breached. Montclair's elected officials should be more careful in spending our money, or be voted out.

Eric Deschamps


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