A homeless man entered Montclair High School by an unsecured door Friday morning, district officials said.

A student arriving at the school just before 7 a.m. on Jan. 4 spotted the man in the auditorium lobby, smoking a cigarette. The student saw the man through the door and did not try to enter, and the man did not try to make contact with the student, according to an email from Superintendent Kendra Johnson and Principal Anthony Grosso.

The student called police and reported the incident to the main office. Security guards responded, but the man was leaving just as guards arrived.

Grosso said the man had entered through an auditorium door that was open for teacher access.

"All doors are normally locked and moving forward, we will be especially diligent that all doors are kept locked unless a security guard is posted at the door. We will be meeting as an administrative and safety team to ensure that a situation like this does not occur again, and we will be proactive with all safety and security measures and all access points to the building," Grosso said.

District officials have requested security consultants to review access to the high school and asked school leaders and all safety teams to be vigilant regarding access to buildings, Johnson said.

"Today’s incident reminds us, once again, to remind students to keep safety first and alert trusted adults and authorities if they see something," she said.