As a Black man in America (a country built on and based on racism against Blacks, browns and American Indians) how many times must I repeat the same message — "Enough is enough" — before change really happens?

The ongoing violence by police against Black men and women should have no place in America, but it does and it seems like it always will.

Driving to the store should not be a life-threatening experience, but that is the reality for people of color in our society. When an active-duty Army officer is attacked without provocation by police officers, change will never happen. When the immediate response by police officers to a traffic stop is the use of deadly force, change will never happen.

Until Black and brown parents no longer have to instruct their kids on the proper procedure to follow when pulled over by the police, change will never happen. Until all Americans can agree that systematic racism in policing is a threat and we collectively unite to make changes, Black Lives will not matter and change will never happen. 

Albert Pelham
President, Montclair Branch of the NAACP


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