A class at Rocket Club — a robotics, coding and entrepreneurship academy for children ages 7 to 15 — has created a lemonade business called Lemeneid. One of the Lemeneid founders, Maxwell Kumahor, is a 14-year-old eighth-grader at Buzz Aldrin Middle School.

Others on the team include Ava Persaud, 13, Abdul Shaoib, 15, Madyson Shum, 13, Ivan-Asen Radoslavov, 13, Joah Karnik, 12, and Lauren Schessel, 13. The class has signed a partnership with Rezide Co-Living, a furnished apartment provider in Jersey City. Rezide Co-Living plans to give new tenants the drink when they move in.

When tasked to create a lemonade business, Lemeneid decided to create their lemonade from scratch, using xylitol as a sweetener to make it as low-impact as possible.

The Lemeneid team is of of 35 vying in Rocket Club’s lemonade business competition, which will be judged by Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph on Dec. 12. For more information visit rocketclub.com/lemonade.