Dear Friends,

Five years ago, Heeten and Thalla-Marie Choxi founded Montclair Local because they wanted to give Montclair a news organization focused on our community and nothing else. They funded The Local out of their own pockets augmented by some advertising revenue.

It soon became clear that Montclair Local should become an independent nonprofit organization supported by money from the community and that transition took place early in 2020.

It is clear the community is embracing the work we do. More than 90,000 people visit the Montclair Local website each month. Nearly 3,000 people subscribe to our weekly print edition, and more than 4,500 people subscribe to our newsletter. And we are so proud that as a nonprofit newsroom, 1,800 people responded to our request for financial support last fall and helped us raise more than $300,000.

Family and work responsibilities have now taken the Choxis to North Carolina. But their original vision for Montclair Local, a news organization focused only on covering our community, remains the burning heart of our mission.

We explained what was at stake ahead of the election for the board of education and the debate on rent control. We are covering discussions on whether the Township should renew its contract with neighboring Glen Ridge to provide fire services. We continue to report on the November election where townspeople will be asked to approve a significant Board of Education capital expense. We tell you about high school sports in town and the cool things our neighbors are doing – like raising chickens! And if you have something to say about any of these local issues, we give you space to write a letter or a Town Square column.

A free flow of information is the lifeblood of every democracy. We do our best every day to keep you informed about the issues that will impact you. Taxes. School funding. Local regulations. Changes to local services and more.

Your financial support is critical to this work. We have an ambitious goal to raise $500,000 this quarter, about 60% of our budget. With your help we will be certain to succeed.

Your gift enables our reporters to dig deeper into stories and provide you with all the information you need to be informed. We don’t have a paywall; our website and mobile app are free for everyone. For those who become members at the $120 level — $10 per month — and those who contribute beyond that to our mission, you have our heartfelt thanks.

Won’t you help? Your gift will enable us to continue our work reporting on the people and the issues that matter in Montclair.

Thank you for being our partner.

In gratitude,

Ollie Hartsfield, President and sustaining member
Montclair Local Board of Trustees

Ollie Hartsfield
Ollie Hartsfield

P.S. Your gift of $10 per month – $120 annually – or whatever amount with which you are comfortable, sends an important message that independent community journalism is essential to Montclair.