More 'us vs. them' in Montclair than you think

It was great that we all united in the streets to march against gun violence in our schools. But when we get back home in Montclair, it’s us and them again.

For them, special traffic lights that give pedestrians a head-start. For us, a defective, broken traffic light near two schools, that I’ve been complaining about for over 10 years.

For them, “quiet zone” and no weekend trains, for us, a railroad run through our neighborhood.

For them, a quiet Sunday; for us, two mega churches disturbing our peace and creating traffic and parking havoc.

For them, zoning laws; for us, mega developments that are destroying the value of our property even as our taxes soar.

For them, a hardware store, and two supermarkets; for us, a liquor store, noisy bars, one supermarket, and empty stores.

Who needs Trump for an enemy, when we’ve had Montclair robbing and bullying us and ruining our neighborhoods for decades?

If someone organizes a March Against Montclair, I’ll be happy to join it.

Stephanie Wood



Big band supports Montclair Women’s Club

The Montclair Women’s Club, 82 Union St., would like to thank the community for its support of our programming and of our historic building by presenting a Big Band Concert/Dance on Friday, April 20 from 8 to 11 p.m. Reeds, Rhythm and All That Brass, a 17 piece band with vocalists will perform the great music of the big band era…works by Basie, Ellington, Glenn Miller, the Dorsey brothers, Ray Charles…arrangements by Neal Hefti, Sammy Nestico, Lennie Niehaus, Louis Iozzi, etc.

The cost will be a slim $20 at the door, which includes coffee/dessert and door prizes.

We hope to have you come and enjoy the evening with us. Dancing encouraged.

Fran DePalma-Iozzi


The author is the president of the Montclair Women’s Club.


Organic vegetable garden tour next Saturday

On Saturday, April 21, the Cornucopia Network of NJ will sponsor a tour of three Montclair organic vegetable gardens.

The Montclair Community Pre-K Garden Project at 49 Orange Road will be hosting Family Garden Day from 9 a.m. to noon and will, therefore, have lots of action on the grounds.

Alan Smith at 148 Forest St., Montclair, offers a self-guided tour from 9 a.m. to 5p.m.of his front yard garden. It is made up of a variety of leafy greens that he gets from seeds harvested the previous year and also Fedco seeds that he buys annually. He also has prolific raspberries and strawberries. He buys tomato plants from the annual Van Vleck House plant sale. Garlic should be very visible by April 21. The rest of the garden includes a variety of wildflowers that pop up every year.

At 56 Gordonhurst Ave. I will open my garden from  9 to  11 a.m. I may still have the Chinese cabbage that I have been harvesting all winter, but it may have gone to seed. I definitely will show collards, kale, garlic, broccoli, tomatoes, and lettuce plants. This year I am protecting vulnerable seedlings with cut-off juice and peanut butter containers, hoping to prevent last year’s disasters, but an interesting feature in themselves.

Pat Kenschaft