Boy Scout disappointed by President’s speech

As a Boy Scout, I am disappointed with President Donald Trump’s remarks at our Jamboree. His decision to talk about politics was not Scoutly. To quote the Scouting oath, a scout is courteous, kind, cheerful, thrifty, clean, and reverent. President Trump’s remarks were none of these. He has said rude things about women, gay people, black people and Muslims. The president is self-centered, and this speech was no exception. He used the speech to make fun of former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and threatened to fire his secretary of health.

My troop, Troop 12 of Montclair, has a long history of good deeds and community service. This year members of Troop 12 helped maintain a public park, built furniture for Toni’s Kitchen, marched in the town’s Fourth of July parade and laid wreaths on veterans’ graves in Mount Hebron Cemetery. Mr. Trump’s speech did not reflect the record of service that the Boy Scouts of America represent.

Sacha Goldsteen

Tenderfoot, Troop 12



Keep the grand tradition of MHS football alive

From 1940, when Clarence “Clary” Anderson and Angelo J. “Butch” Fortunato – two All-State Mountie football stars – returned home to coach at MHS until today, Montclair High School can boast a winning football tradition equaled by few.

The Mounties have suffered only eight losing seasons since that year. This doesn’t happen by accident. It’s achieved through hard work, skill, and pride displayed by players and coaches, and enhanced by support from the community.

I’m 73 years old and a 1962 graduate of MHS. Feeling the effects of aging, I am well aware of the many Mountie coaches, players and supporters who have passed away, taking their valuable Mountie football memories with them.

I worry that details of our school’s football history could become lost to future generations. I fear the day the chant “Mont-Clair-Pride” will be reduced to a meaningless phrase.

Today’s players, and the ones coming up following them, should be educated in Montclair’s great football history. I truly believe there is no greater motivational tool than pride in tradition.

There are some communities where many families have lived for generations. Couple that with a football tradition similar to that of MHS, and you could see entire towns coming out in support of their high school gridders. Just spend a day in Phillipsburg during football season and you’ll see what I mean.

With fewer long-time residents than Montclair once had, it’s not like that here any more. We need to work to keep details of our great football history alive by showing the players what an honor it is to don a Montclair High School football uniform on game day.

To the 2017 Mountie gridders: it’s your time to carry the torch. To borrow a phrase from Notre Dame, go “play like champions.”

Vincent Tango