Save the NJ honeybees

I need everyone’s help in saving honey bees in New Jersey.  I’m a Montclair beekeeper and if a proposed amendment to NJ’s state law is adopted it will all but eliminate hobbyist beekeeping statewide.

The state’s leading beekeeping experts were excluded from much of the decision making process and their recommendations were ignored.  Lots of what’s included in this proposal is not scientifically based but instead seems to be politically motivated. These rules are not in keeping with the spirit of the bee laws passed in 2015, whose intention is to protect bees and their keepers.

All I want is a fair bill where everyone’s concerns are heard and the best law is adopted. That’s not going to happen if this amendment as written then becomes law.

Honey bees are critical to allowing our existence. Please have your opinions heard, voice your concern.

We have until Jan. 19, 2018, to submit comments on this proposal. The proposal can be found at the NJ website under Proposed Amendments and Proposed New Rules: N.J.A.C. 2:24.

To voice your opinion, email or write a letter to  Joseph Zoltowski, director, Division of Plant Industry, NJ Department of Agriculture, PO Box 330, Trenton, NJ  08625-0330.

Ronald Jacobs



My Hero, Amy Tingle

This is the time when all women, regardless of who you are, must speak out and not be afraid.  I know there are times when you say something that no one will believe you or think you are causing trouble but sometimes you have to speak out and not rot your feelings inside.

I can feel Ms. Tingle’s anger when she saw the disgusting logo at the “Dairy Air” ice cream shop of a  cartoon cow with a human-looking rear end showing. If it wasn’t for Ms. Tingle to see something and say something about this then this would have continued going like it is a normal thing. It is not a normal thing; it’s something that needs to be addressed and handled with maturity and respect. If this is not handled then you have people like the manager from Dairy Air, a schoolteacher, and the president of the United States.

I applaud all the women from the #MeToo movement and others for standing up and taking a lot of hardship. They are brave and they are strong. Men need to learn simply to treat women with utmost respect as if they were your mother or sister. But first of all is to love and treat yourself first before any woman and man comes along.

Thank you Ms. Tingle for shining this important light and letting me and others observe and not be afraid. I hope that we will meet in sisterhood.

Cherie E. Hayes




Over the past month I have written a series of letters that the Montclair Local has kindly published expressing my professional views against the legalization of recreational marijuana. For those of you who doubt my knowledge or credentials on this matter I offer the following.

I speak from street experience with over a 40-year active law enforcement career and eight years as a police consultant and not just textbook knowledge. At the risk of sounding boastful, as chief of police, I have been celebrated and vilified. In 1994, I was honored and invited along with Chief Richard Munsey of the Paterson Police Department and Chief Frank LoGioco of the Clifton Police Department, representing New Jersey with a delegation of police chiefs from across the nation, to Washington D.C. We were there for a briefing of President Bill Clinton’s “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.”

We met with Vice President Al Gore, Attorney Genral Janet Reno, along with a group of senators and congressmen requesting our input on establishing this bill. The hallmark of this bill was to put 100,000 police officers on the streets of America.

Upon returning to Montclair I received daily faxes from the White House, injecting my suggestions and progression through the typical political and bureaucratic channels. As a result I was invited by Clinton to the signing ceremony of this historic event in the rose garden of the White House.

If my input and suggestions were good enough for the president of the United States, I respectfully would like to believe our newly elected governor might consider my warnings not to legalize recreational marijuana, for the sake of tax revenue it would generate to the participating communities.

In my opinion I would consider this to be blood money, leading us down the path of destruction.

Recently there have been front page stories in the Star -Ledger, relative to the pros and cons of legalizing recreational marijuana. In my professional opinion there are no pros, just cons. It should be noted my letters and opinions were submitted long before these stories appeared in the Star-Ledger, however due to Montclair Local being a weekly newspaper my letters were behind.

I’ve said in a series of letters, “If you care about family life, your children and grandchildren, you should voice your objections to our newly elected governor in opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana.”

Thomas J. Russo