Why does Montclair Township ignore us?

Since 2017, the residents of Nassau Road and Patton Place have been asking that the township replace our derelict curbs. Many of our homes have large pieces of the cement curbs broken off and lying nearby in jagged chunks.

Last year we appeared at a township council meeting, sent multiple emails and made phone calls. It took weeks before anyone replied.

This year we have sent two emails to township manager Timothy Stafford, deputy manager Brian Scantlebury, parks and facilities superintendent Rob Bianco and community services director Steve Wood.

After more than two weeks, none of them has replied. Given that Montclair pays among the highest property taxes not only in New Jersey, but in the country, it’s ridiculous that they not only can’t fix the curbs, but can’t be bothered to reply to simple, polite emails from residents. Throw the bums out.

Dan Hurley



Don’t start over on superintendent search

I was very impressed with all three candidates for superintendent at the recent open hearing.

I commend the Board of Education for recruiting such fine people willing to undergo a public display of their talents and caring.

Therefore, I was saddened to read in last week’s papers about a proposal that the board restart its search. Our taxes are high enough. The schools are struggling with their current budget and to cut it just to have another search seemed appalling. It is time to unite behind our board and our children and get Montclair a permanent school superintendent.

Pat Kenschaft



Keep up the protests

I read in the Montclair Local of the success of the Montclair High School students to join the rest of the country in a demonstration to keep their schools safe.

Yes , we know the perpetrators of those heinous deeds are mentally unstable, but the laws in some states are so lenient that such a troubled person can legally purchase a firearm and ammunition.

I feel this is the time for Congress and our president to pass a law that a purchase of guns must be subject to a three to seven day waiting period, so the background of the purchaser can be checked and vetted.

Also I feel automatic guns should be banned for the general public, as they were in the 1990s.

Keep up the demonstrations high schoolers, so our nation’s capital will wake-up. The young are teaching us all.

Peter Giuffra



More on the marijuana legalization debate

Some routines are comforting: morning coffee, Sunday dinner, the President tweeting something stupid and firing a Cabinet member. But lately I’ve fallen into one routine I find exhausting: Opening Montclair Local every couple of weeks and reading another anti-cannabis screed from Thomas Russo.

As a former police chief during the height of the failed War on Drugs, you almost have no choice but to vainly press on against one of the only legislative reforms that the vast majority of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, support.

It’s bad enough you ignore the mountains of evidence supporting legal cannabis as a treatment for all sorts of illnesses, from back pain to public school budget shortfalls. Or that you cynically deploy concern for the Black community as an argument against legislation that could keep petty drug arrests from ruining so many promising futures for children of color. No, the sensible citizens of Montclair simply must be treated to the same tired, thoroughly debunked talking points every week. You’d have to be high for them to make sense, but it’s currently illegal to achieve that state. It’s a real catch-22.

No, marijuana is not harmless—habitual stoners are among the most insufferable people alive. And no responsible cannabis user thinks it’s alright for kids to partake. Honestly, I don’t even like it all that much. But here’s the thing, chief: cannabis legalization is coming. Ask same-sex marriage opponents how fast the tide of public opinion turned against them.

So instead of dragging the loyal readers of this fine publication along as you chase your great green whale, why not take a deep breath, relax, and go smoke a proverbial joint. Or a literal one. “Great Green Whale” is actually a really nice strain. Very mellow high. So I’ve heard.

Steve Coy