Be sure to vote in the June 5 primary

As many of you are already aware, in 2012 most of Upper Montclair was moved into the 11th Congressional District which means that those residents inherited Rodney Frelinghuysen as their congressperson.

In recent years, Rodney has tried to skate by on his previous reputation as a ‘moderate’ Republican. He says he believes in a woman’s right to choose, but he voted to defund Planned Parenthood. He thinks America needs something better than the Affordable Care Act but he voted with his party over 70 times to repeal the ACA with no replacement in sight. Despite numerous requests from constituents, he has refused to have a public town hall, his last was in 2013. And now he has decided to cut off all further contact with his constituents; he is not running for re-election.

This is good news for progressive voters in the 11th Congressional District. Not only are we losing a ‘moderate’ representative who votes the Trump/Ryan agenda 91.5 percent of the time, we also have a chance to elect someone who will advocate more progressive policies in Washington. And we can choose a representative who will actually meet with constituents.

Primary day is Tuesday, June 5, make a plan to get to the polls to help select our next congressperson. Every vote counts.

Jim Price



When will Edgemont construction be finished?

When will the work in Edgemont Park ever be completed? And why tear up a perfectly good park and make it only partially accessible for months on end? 

“Green Acres” money could be more wisely spent hauling dead trees and assorted debris out of our county reservations. Our current county administrator seems to prefer hiring construction companies to caring for our real green spaces.

Bonnie Conroy



Much more gun control needed

I want to express my thanks and congratulations to Amit Kundra for his letter in last week’s Montclair Local urging more gun control. I admire all the high school students, including him, who have been taking a stand recently. It’s been a long time since I, or my children, were high school students, but I share his concerns.

Guns gripped me most after the Montclair post office shooting before he was born. I remember on a Tuesday standing at the door of the Upper Montclair post office and thinking how fortunate I was to be doing business with two such nice men, only to have them both killed three days later at gunpoint by someone who wanted the money in their drawer.

However, nine years before I was born my grandfather contracted appendicitis. While my grandmother and the doctor were consulting downstairs about his coming operation, they heard a gunshot. He kept a gun next to the bed to deter house invaders. Recently I have read that guns kept in a U.S. home are far more likely to be used to kill someone in the family than an intruder. Because of this misguided custom, I never knew the grandfather with whom I shared many interests and passions. How sad he didn’t wait until the operation to relieve his pain.

Assault rifles should not be available to people outside the military. Nor should bump stocks. Many fewer people should own guns; certainly anybody who cannot fly on an airplane should not be allowed to own a gun. Background checks should be required for all gun sales.

Why should anyone want to own a gun? As a vegetarian, I have little understanding of the joy of hunting. If one likes to shoot at a gallery, one can rent a gun there. I recognize it is too soon to prohibit guns altogether, but I agree with Kundra that we should greatly limit their availability now.

Pat Kenschaft