Goose poop politics

In an opinion letter in last week’s Local paper, I learned that geese that choose Montclair parks as their home are periodically rounded [up] and gassed in an effort to control their population.

Is the issue all the goose poop? Wow.

Imagine for a moment if rounding and gassing were the solution for many of the people problems we have in this diverse community? Heart-wrenching fact is that for some that still is a viable solution.

Not sure about the costs involved in gassing but instead of pouring monies into such an inhumane act, why not brainstorm other ideas?

Mine is a niche for a new business. A vacuum to suck up the goose poop and transform it into fertilizer. Then a company that works like landscapers that periodically comes to collect the poop.

A drive around town (in between dodging all the current street closures) is all one needs to do to learn how thriving a business landscaping is in Montclair.

Why not suck up all the dried leaves too, instead of blowing them and all the pollen into the faces, eyes and lungs of passersby?

Couldn’t an instant compost be made from the collection of the goose poop and lawn/leaf debris, then bagged and sold to keep our grasses green, flowers happy and gardens flourishing?

Come on, New Jersey. This is the “garden state.” This is a smart entrepreneurial town.

There has to be a better solution than gassing.

Marissa Valenti