Councilman ‘gratified’ to aid environment with bag ban

Montclair has long been in the vanguard of pursuing progressive solutions at the local level. By instituting a ban on plastic bags, we are taking a meaningful first step towards environmental justice, and doing our part to protect the health of our planet for future generations. I am proud to have helped lead the fight to ban the use of plastic bags in large retail settings in Montclair and I am gratified my colleagues have agreed to move forward with this ordinance. I urge the council to go a step further and join me in supporting the prohibition of plastic bags in all businesses in Montclair.

Municipalities throughout the state look to Montclair to set an example for responsible, progressive government. By passing the plastic bag ban ordinance we are leading the way for other local governments to follow suit. Working together we can help create a safer, healthier world for our children and future generations to come.

The author is the Township Councilman representing the Third Ward.

Kudos to kind passenger on DeCamp bus

A sincere thank you to the bus driver or passenger who found and turned in the wallet I left on the NYC-bound DeCamp 33 Grove bus that left Watchung Ave. at 6:15 on Thursday, Dec. 5. The contents were of value, and your kindness is very much appreciated.


Thanks for spotlight on addiction recovery

Thanks for your Dec. 5 article “Group helps those coping with addiction” and the chance to learn about Jean Grossman’s SMART Recovery meetings in Montclair.

I appreciate you shining a light on addiction recovery because so often the focus is on the problem rather than the solution. Especially around the holidays, it’s great to know that many recovery options exist right in our backyard. I didn’t know about this approach, or the practical tools it offers. Thanks for offering a lifeline to those who might be struggling with addiction or who may know someone that is.