An old Mountie’s feeling

I’m fairly sure that I speak for most of the Montclair High School alums (and I happily include those from the Mountie class of 2017, who will soon join our ranks), when I say our favorite verse from the Montclair High School Alma Mater:

“O’er the earth, our feet may wander/ Back we come again/ For the love of Montclair High School/ Ever will remain. Raise the chorus...”

As a guy from the MHS class of 1962, I can tell you from experience, been there, done that and was thrilled to come back home in 1999. It’s where I belong.

Vincent Tango


Thanking a Montclair artist

Vincent Tango is a dear friend and the display at Montclair History Center shows much about shows much about his artistic talent and more about his love for Montclair.

He is a proud graduate of MHS, class of 1962, and in a few paintings he extols the beauty of MHS, both the main building and the amphitheater.

Many people have written to him in thanks after seeing the display. I just want the town to know his joy and love for our town.



Take action to stop GOP’s federal budget

I hereby urge readers to get in touch with Sens. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez and Congressmen Rodney Frelinghuysen and Donald Payne Jr. to protest the currently proposed national budget. It is scary indeed.

It would greatly curtail the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, both needed badly to protect the only planet we are to have. The former has cleaned up the air remarkably in many places and the latter is needed to implement cheaper and safer renewable sources of energy.

The current budget proposal would also cut completely, I’m told, programs for food for the hungry. The richest country in the world should not have hungry, even starving people. I believe in preserving life, not necessarily before birth, but afterward for all.

Threats to Planned Parenthood and similar organizations will result in many children being born who are not wanted by anyone, a fate terrible indeed. I feel so fortunate that my own parents used Planned Parenthood for five years to postpone me, their much-planned-for, much-loved firstborn. What a great life that has given me. I view with horror the contrast to others I observe who were not wanted at birth.

The proposal to greatly increase the military budget will not increase national security. Indeed, a remarkable number of generals have protested increasing the military budget, especially if it sacrifices the State Department budget, which can be used to prevent wars. This is much cheaper, and also will preserve many, many lives of those already living.

We live in scary times. It behooves all of us to take time to write some letters and/or make phone calls.