Safety issues with Montclair school buses

In the Feb. 21, 2019 Montclair Local Opinion page, there was a letter from the Pedestrian Safety Committee. It states that the committee advises the township on how to improve the safety of pedestrians (and bikers) in Montclair. I assume this includes children going to and from their designated bus stop — although you wouldn’t know it from the way the transportation department of Montclair schools has ignored — since September — yes September of 2018 — a dangerous situation in which they put my son.

I have been trying to get my son's bus stop changed so he doesn’t have to walk up and down a steep road (Heller Drive and Yantacaw) —- with no sidewalks — to get to his bus stop. He has to walk in the street. He has had several near misses with cars as it is such a dangerous steep road. My son is the only child at his semi-deserted bus stop. There have been several attempted abductions of children in our area lately. It shouldn’t have been an insurmountable task to change my 10-year-old son's bus stop. He goes to Bullock and his bus is Green Swan. Everyone who I have attempted to deal with about this just passed the buck.

You would be shocked at some of their responses.




Why does Sen. Booker want DiVincenzo’s cash?

Joe DiVincenzo and George Norcross are having a luncheon fundraiser for Cory Booker tomorrow, Friday June 28. For $2,800 you can go.

Joe takes millions of dollars a year from ICE (U.S. Immigrants and Customs Enforcement) to run a jail in Newark. This works for Joe because it allows him to spread jobs and money around to his friends while providing Essex County with beautiful parks. This is the same ICE that is setting up concentration camps along our southern border. If you object to the term ‘concentration camps’, separating children from parents, caging people and forcing them to live in inhumane conditions meets the definition. Why does Cory Booker want this guy’s money?

The NJ Economic Development Authority (EDA) is supposed to provide incentives to companies to move to New Jersey or encourage them to stay.

Whistleblowers have alleged that there was significant mismanagement and abuse of process at the agency. A task force appointed by Governor Phil Murphy has found that of $11 billion allocated, as much as $1.1 billion went to Norcross affiliates. That Norcross and associates manipulated the system to the tune of millions of dollars.

Again, why does Booker want this guy’s money?