Best reunion ever

During this past April 20 and 21, the graduates of Montclair High School, classes of 1957 and 1958, gathered for a Super Sixty Reunion held on the Saturday evening ceremony at the Glen Ridge Country Club.

Some classmates had not seen each other for almost 60 years. Classmates from many states and the world convened for this special nostalgic occasion. Stories of high school and Montclair memories and dear friends were such a special part of this time. Visits to former homes, Montclair parks and gardens, New York City, Woodman Field and, of course, Montclair shopping areas were a popular haunt.

On a personal note, let me thank all the committee members and others who worked so hard to put this memorable reunion together and a special thanks to Anne Gullord Stires without whom this could not have happened.

Personally, it meant so much to me to see dear friends, my old neighborhood and reminisce about wonderful days of my youth and growing up in such a great place as Montclair. This will be an experience I shall never forget and I am sure the others all feel the same way.

We hope to reach out to all of the alumni of Montclair High to continue to gather regularly to enjoy and savor this part of their years in school and to resolve to celebrate and regularly organize reunions to remember and relive the joys that come with the comradery that we shared at this great reunion.

A Mountie born, a Mountie bred…savor the memories.

Gordon Shurtleff

La Jolla, Calif.

The author is a Montclair High School alum from the Class of 1957.


Animal control or cruelty?

Last week’s article regarding the populations of geese and deer in Montclair (“Oh, Deer!”, page A-3) raises a number of important issues. With regard to the geese, the article reveals that the township has twice paid to have the geese in Edgemont and Yantacaw Brook Parks rounded up and killed. The ducks disappeared as well, though it is unclear why. These two roundups (one in 2007 and one in 2017) happened without notice to the community even though residents had expressed concern about the geese and volunteered to help with resolving geese conflicts. I believe these roundups are normally carried out secretly because they are highly controversial, unpopular, and ineffective. Montclair can do better.

Canada geese fall under the jurisdiction and protection of the federal government’s Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Receipt of a federal permit is required to kill geese. It is clearly stated in the Act that lethal measures are discouraged and that the goal must be “to eliminate or significantly reduce the continued need for killing or removal of birds or destroying eggs/nests.”

It is time for the Township to rethink their practices, to include the community in the process, and to commit to using only effective nonlethal methods. Habitat modification and feeding bans are the first step in a successful campaign to reduce geese conflicts. The Township says it does hazing, treats the eggs, and brings in collies, but something is clearly amiss if the result is the roundup and killing of animals. Has there been any habitat modification to make the parks less attractive to geese? Has a feeding ban been enforced? Perhaps the collies would be more effective if they arrived more than “a few times a week.”

In the article it is stated that the geese that were removed were taken to be “put down” at a poultry farm. This follows the roundup of these animals which is, in itself, a horrifying event for wildlife.

This is Montclair. Why is this happening? Why do I have to write this letter?

Next up, the deer.

Sandra Reynolds



Reunite all the families, now!

It is absolutely cruel and heartbreaking to see children separating with their children.

It is inexcusable, selfish, and frightening to have a president and the whole entire administration behaving this way.

This is wrong to remove people that aren’t American. We saw that in slavery and we saw that in Germany.

To separate children away from parents leave a psychological scars and behaviors that no child should experience. I heard a nine month old baby was separated from the mother. It is horrible.

We need a country that has empathy and compassion. We need a country that is not afraid to speak out and willing to be arrested. We have to come together for the common good of this country as never before to solve this and many problems. It is the only way.

I hope everyone will vote this coming November to make the government blue and not red. Tonight, for moms and dads out there that have children, godchildren and nieces or nephews, hug and kiss and be blessed that they are with you and not a stranger that don’t love them.

Cherie E. Hayes