More to the story on township’s parklets

I would say this in response to Iain Kerr’s March 14 letter to the editor about the Walnut Street parklet: while his sentiments are laudable, the reality of 2019 Montclair is very different. Over the last two years, absurd overdevelopment has so changed its character that it’s resembling Hoboken more by the day.

Hundreds of parking spaces… gone. Partially (and long term) blocked streets… everywhere. Bloomfield Avenue, never easy to drive on, has become a nightmare with the Fullerton Avenue intersection all but impossible to cross going north. There’s no escape. Unless, of course, you live in Upper Montclair.

Saturdays on Walnut Street from June to November are already a driving challenge. We’re blessed to have our Farmers Market, but getting from point A to point B needs not to be an exercise in frustration. And I would disagree that the parklet added substantial charm or changed any behavior other than pushing drivers closer to the boiling point.

I have an inspired idea… how would a parklet work on a different “main drag,” say Valley Road between Bellevue and Lorraine? Or perhaps up on Watchung Plaza? Because the residents on this end are fed up. Oh, and many of us (all registered voters, one would hope) have had enough of the council’s “vision.” Shudder.