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‘When the world came to Montclair’ a delight

It was fun to read the article “When the world came to Montclair” by Mike Farrelly, which appeared in the paper on April 30.  First of all I smiled when I saw the article, as Mike and I attended grammar school together in East Orange from the first through the eighth grade.

Also, it was delightful to read about the variety of world-class musicians, literary artists, explorers, African-American notables as well as those who spoke on the issues of the day. It was interesting to learn about the Rev. Edgar Swan Wiers,  minister at the Unity Church from 1906 to 1931, who saw his mission as exposing the people of Montclair to worldwide culture and events.

The listing of all of the events that have occurred in our town is impressive!



Visit Avis Campbell Gardens, safely 

It’s a blessing to share the Avis Campbell Gardens with our fellow gardeners, artists, families, and people just looking for a peaceful moment’s rest. These historical gardens, enjoyed since 1952, are located behind the United Way Building at 60 South Fullerton Ave. Each bed is carefully planned and maintained by volunteers from the Garden Club of Montclair, one of the country’s oldest and most respected.

Rules standard to all public gardens apply — please stay on the pathways, do not pick or damage plantings or throw things into the fountain. We expect guardians of young children to observe these rules and preserve ACG for all to enjoy. Also, during this time, please respect the health of your fellow citizens and follow social distancing guidelines and mask requirements.

This is a teaching space for all ages. School groups and Girl Scout troupes are routinely welcomed to the gardens for programs. The event for May in Montclair, designed especially for children, has unfortunately been postponed.

Video surveillance cameras are in use 24/7 in the gardens and parking lot.  United Way security guards keep watch on the building and garden grounds.  If needed, a contact number for security is posted on both the side and rear glass doors.

Our members get great joy from sharing the Avis Campbell Gardens with the Montclair community and the gardening community the world over, especially during this time of stress and uncertainty. Please stop by and say hello as we make our rounds in the garden or contact us at


The author is chairperson of the Avis Campbell Gardens and Grounds Committee of the Garden Club of Montclair.


COVID-19 testing essential for dentists

It is essential to make COVID-19 testing available to dentists so they can test patients before administering dental treatment in order to lessen the spread of the disease, prevent illness, and help save lives.

I am deeply concerned about the dental profession and COVID-19.  

My husband, Gregory S. Corso, D.D.S., has been a practicing general dentistry in Nutley for more than 35 years.  I am the office manager in the practice. We have been following the ADA guidelines during this pandemic and have been practicing teledentistry and keeping in touch with patients through phone, mail, and social media.

To date COVID-19 testing is not available to dentists in N.J. and many states.  The exposure to aerosols for dentists is undeniably extremely high.  How are dentists going to safely open their practices without testing patients before treatment and without adequate PPE?  This is the United State of America at war with an invisible enemy.  Making the proper supplies for testing and PPE should not be that difficult.  Why hasn’t the Federal Defense Fund stepped in during this critical life and death situation? 

The ADA states that “The Occupational and Health Safety Administration has designated dentists and other healthcare workers who perform aerosol-generating procedures in a very high risk exposure category for COVID-19.”

“Dentistry is essential to the public’s health. Enabling dentists to test patients prior to dental treatment will help lower the ‘very high exposure risk’ of dental personnel in contracting COVID-19 when treating infected but asymptomatic patients,” wrote ADA President Chad P. Gehani and Executive Director Kathleen T. O’Loughlin in the HHS letter.

“It would add a layer of safety for both dental personnel and the patients they treat. This is important not only now — when most dentists are performing only urgent and emergency dental procedures — but also as the nation cautiously reopens.”

Neglecting to test patients before dental treatment and without adequate PPE is like playing Russian roulette at the very least and at worst it’s a DEATH SENTENCE.

Before dental practices are allowed to open for general treatment in New Jersey, please contact Gov. Murphy, Sens. Booker and Menendez and your congressional representatives to make them aware of this critical situation.  There is strength in numbers.