Frelinghuysen far from a moderate

I’m writing this in response to a charge that Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen made last month in a fundraising letter. He claimed that “Liberal, Bernie Sanders-style activists have put me on their hit list” and “They’re organizing a Super-PAC against me, and lying about my record.”

The fact is that since the new Congress was seated on Jan. 3, Rodney has voted for the Trump agenda 100 percent of the time. It’s very difficult for anyone to lie about or distort that figure; the votes are a matter of public record. Also on the record are his approval ratings from the NRA (2000: 23 percent; 2016: 64 percent) and NARAL (1998: 100 percent: 2015: 15 percent). The trends are rather consistent.

The image that the congressman attempts to cultivate for himself is that of good old Rodney, moderate Republican, pro-business, pro-choice, anti-regulations, etc. His voting record however doesn’t say moderate Republican, it says Tea Party. Look at what he does, not what he says. The only person trying to distort Rodney’s record is Rodney.

Jim Price



Lord, if comments like this had been made after the 2008 presidential election those making them would have been attacked, demonized and demoralized by the liberal media on a scale never seen before.

This hypocrisy and fascist mentality is appalling. You can’t have another opinion without being homophobic, misogynist or racist. How few are stepping back and assessing the madness of the “resist movement” is unfortunate.

Is this what happens when your candidate loses an election? We don’t have to recognize the process nor the elected?

I didn’t support Barack Obama because of his flawed policies but he was still my president. I have the right to protest and express my differences in America. I can respectfully disagree. But tragically, in this day, anyone who doesn’t submit to the leftist prospective are denigrated, ostracized and vilified.

I resist dismembering an innocent child in the womb and selling her or his body parts. I resist the pimping of our children by an education cabal that continually produces failing schools and failed generations of children. And then they ask for more money!? I resist policies that would impose questionable sexuality upon my vulnerable grandchildren, confuse them mentally and put them in danger in the bathroom.

I resist those who refuse to have honest debate and who lie about the data that would expose their self-aggrandizing agendas. I resist those who use race to further their political ambitions and who profit from racial tensions. I resist those who would create strife to be relevant.

But I will not resist lower unemployment, better job creation and the freedom to discuss American politics from the pulpit or inner-city restorations led by an African-American who was raised in public housing.

The Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.


Rev. Childress is senior pastor at The New Calvary Baptist Church.

Don’t infringe on religious freedom

At a time when, due to a fluke of Electoral College math, our country has elected a president who openly disdains the First Amendment, we must be especially vigilant about attacks on our freedoms.

Glenfield Middle School clearly violated the First Amendment rights of its students and families when it invited a Christian group to proselytize to students under the guise of sexual education. No amount of administrative double-talk about “points of view” can change that fact.

I commend School Board members Joe Kavesh and Eve Robinson and the vigilant parents who spoke out against this misguided and unconstitutional infringement on students’ religious freedom.

Jonathan Greenberg


Organic garden tour this Saturday

The Cornucopia Network of NJ will sponsor an organic vegetable garden tour this Saturday, May 20.

Nick DiMinni at 11 Bruce Road has a European-inspired vegetable and herb garden with a grapevine-covered pergola and a Zen garden with many perennials. It will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Ray Hoffman at 174 Valley Road, across from Chestnut Street, will open his garden from 2 to 4:30. His back yard has a sunny plot of tiered vegetable beds and several other areas with herbs and shade-loving perennials.

The Pine Street Community Garden at 73 Pine St., will be open from noon to 6. In the driveway shopping bags and sidewalk planting boxes show how to grow in very tight areas.

Alan Smith’s front-yard garden at 148 Forest St. will be open for a self-guided tour from 9 to 5. Many plants are volunteers, but he buys tomato plants.

Montclair Community Pre-K Garden Project, 49 Orange Road, offers a self-guided tour all day on weekends. Parking is permitted along the driveway to the right of the Board of Education Building, 22 Valley Road.

I will open my garden at 56 Gordonhurst Ave. from 9 to 11 a.m. both days. I raise almost all my family’s vegetables year round with no poisons, power machinery, or commercial fertilizers.

Luis Vieira, at 94 Evergreen Ave., Bloomfield, will open his garden from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. He started his garden four years ago. It includes collard greens, Swiss chard, and arugula, all of which survived the winter last year.

The Pulaski Park Community Garden at the corner of Mt. Vernon and Howard (east of Broughton, north of Bay) in Bloomfield will be open from 9:30 to 11. Its 21 4- by 8-foot plots have been fully rented for its third season.

Oak View Elementary School’s “Giving Garden” at 150 Garrabrant Ave., Bloomfield, will be open 9:30 to noon. It is at the back of the school next to the teachers’ parking lot.

Pat Kenschaft