An unnecessary inconvenience

Around April 25, we received a notice that, on Monday, April 29, our street will be unusable during the day; all the cars to be removed by 7 a.m., to accommodate the town’s ill-conceived plan to replace our perfectly acceptable curb-sides with Belgian blocks.
This inconvenience is to continue for a two-week period. I would not grumble at being discommoded, if the curb-side refurbishment included road resurfacing. As it happens, we have potholes large enough to careen our cars into Middle Earth. However, there is no current plan to resurface our road which has been in disrepair for the last few years, worsening by the day. Recent complaints have been lodged regarding our nearly unnavigable street.

This project is a source of inconvenience for the residents and an unnecessary and regrettable expense for the town. Someone must be making a bundle.