Township garbage pickup is sloppy

In the town of Montclair where the taxes are exceedingly high, it is absolutely absurd that the people doing both the recycling and garbage pick up continually leave the containers strewn about … usually in the street. Not only do they leave them in the street, if there is a car parked in front of our house they put them adjacent to the front passenger side. When the driver enters from the rear of the car he can’t see them and runs them over causing damage to both the car and the containers. Is anybody in charge here? Do they not have to answer for their actions, or do we just turn our backs and let the town and the employees get a free ride?

Barry Lee


Speak up at planning board meeting

On June 12 at 7 p.m. the Montclair Township Planning Board is meeting at the Municipal Building, 205 Claremont Ave., to discuss the traffic and parking regarding the Seymour Street Redevelopment Project.

This project includes a large urban apartment complex to be constructed on the former Social Security site between Seymour and South Willow streets. It will include 200 apartments, two floors of retail space and parking. The entrances and exits to the building and the garage will be on South Willow Street.

The entire project is supposed to highlight “The Arts.” Ten thousand square feet of space on Seymour side of the apartment building will be designated for the Arts. How this space will be designed has not been decided. Local art groups have not been approached for their suggestions.

The special feature of the project is the Arts Plaza in front of the Wellmont Theater. Public events will be planned for the plaza by one of the builders. It seems that some public tax funds will be needed to support these events. The southern half of Seymour Street will be a two-way dead end with all Seymour Street traffic using Roosevelt Place.

Behind the Wellmont Theater and facing the Arts Plaza is a proposed somber red brick seven-story parking garage with two levels of office space set back on top. This structure is taller than the Wellmont Theater and the older apartment building next to it. All the new structures are planned very close to the older buildings and retaining walls adjacent to them. With some exceptions, all the cars using this garage will enter and exit from South Fullerton Avenue. The parking garage entrance and exit is half a block south from one of the entrances and exits to the parking garage behind Church Street.

There will be no through traffic from Bloomfield Avenue on Seymour Street. There will be a major increase of traffic and congestion on South Willow Street and South Fullerton Avenue. It is likely that drivers will seek alternate routes to avoid these streets and create more traffic elsewhere. Much of the area involved is residential and the increased traffic will create more congestion and inconveniences for these residents. How successful will the art component of this project be?

These are some of the reasons the public needs to attend the June 12 Planning Board meeting to express an opinion.