Montclair Republicans should speak up

This is a reply to John Van Wagner’s letter from the Oct. 25 Montclair Local. Mr. Van Wagner complains about Montclair Democrats’ hypocrisy for their claims of “inclusiveness and diversity” with regard to our Republican neighbors in town. This lack is the reason he says, for Republicans unwillingness to speak up or engage in public discussion.

I love to talk politics and it’s true, I hardly ever get to speak with Republicans in town. But perhaps there are other reasons for their reluctance to engage. For one, it would require them to defend their president (“grab ‘em by the p----”, his reported reference to “s---hole countries”, and separating children from parents at the border) and Republicans both nationally and in Montclair have been almost unanimously uncritical of Trump in public.

During the presidential primaries in 2016 the Republicans called him a liar, unstable, crazy, but now? Pace Dylan, “You just want to be on the side that’s winning”? I’d also like to hear your defense of the tax bill which has sent the national debt skyrocketing.

After several months of knocking on doors and canvassing for Mikie Sherrill, I can report back to you that almost no one I spoke with is experiencing a tax cut.

About that lack of inclusion and diversity. I would point out that calling Mexicans and Central Americans “rapists and murderers” is rather divisive. There are more than 14 million of these folks in the United States. They also happen to be our friends, neighbors, family and colleagues and I assure you they resent being called rapists and murderers.

There are almost 3.5 million Muslims in the United States. Banning immigrants from entire countries because of their religion is divisive and not at all inclusive. Again, they are our friends, neighbors, family and colleagues and they resent being labeled potential terrorists simply because of their religion. These are just two of the groups that the president and his acquiescent party have tried to demonize as “other.”

None of this is ‘“fake news” Mr. Van Wagner. So by all means, encourage your local party to speak out. Looking forward to the conversation.




Keep using cloth bags

I’d like to respond to Keely Sullivan’s Oct. 18 letter regarding plastic v. reusable cloth bags. Keely says that cloth bags need to be used 52 times as if that makes plastic better. What strange logic.

The whole point of cloth bags is to keep using them. For most of us, that means in one year or possible less, we’ve helped the environment.

Yes, I agree, it takes time to see how things really stack up. And this letter from Keely does not stack up. Cloth is better.

Of course the plastic bag alliance wants us to use plastic. What a shock. Keep using those reusable bags, folks.