Time for Freeholder action on ICE contract

We hear a lot about the county jails in New Jersey (Essex, Hudson, and Bergen counties) that still have highly profitable contracts with ICE to unethically jail refugees. As a parent I wonder what I should tell my kids about this moment in New Jersey history, when county revenues depend on jailing immigrants who dream of a better life for their own kids in America, and Democratic county freeholders refuse to uphold the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that New Jersey is supposed to stand for.
The kids are watching though, and they get it. As part of the Global Climate Change strike at Montclair High School the organizers are demanding Essex County end its contract with ICE, because climate change will create millions of refugees and immigration is also a climate issue.

Do we have to wait for these kids to become old enough to run for freeholder or governor to see some change? And do we parents continue our status quo of work, playdates and picnics hoping someone else will step in? It’s time for the county freeholders, and state government, to stand up and end this abuse of refugees in New Jersey. Listen to the kids.




Organic vegetable garden tour this weekend

All are invited to my organic vegetable garden this Saturday, Oct. 12, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at 56 Gordonhust Ave, Montclair.

For decades I have raised almost all the family’s vegetables with no power machinery, poisons, or commercial fertilizers.

You will see lots of tomatoes (which you can pick and eat), eggplants, peppers, Malabar (my summer salad green), collards, kale, celery, lettuce, parsnip plants, parsley and basil. Also, there are two cold frames with greens I will harvest for stir-fries two or three times a week all winter. Northern kiwi is almost ripe and may be by Saturday.

If you email me at kenschaftp@montclair.edu that you would like some of my extra basil or winter green seedlings, I will have them ready for you.

All are welcome, come and bring questions.