The final installment in a trilogy commissioned from Liz Gerring Dance Company, will have its world premiere at Peak Performances at The Alexander Kasser Theater, Montclair State University, 1 Normal Drive, Oct. 18-21. The show, “field,” follows 2013’s “glacier” and 2015’s “horizon,” and is Gerring’s third collaboration with composer Michael J. Schumacher and designer Robert Wierzel. The New York Times has  described Gerring’s work as “warmly modernist: scientific but also passionately and infectiously in love with movement.” In a release, Peak writes that “field” “conceives and creates an atmosphere in which the elements — movement, sound, and light— combine to envelope and engage the audience within the unique space and dimensions of the Alexander Kasser Theater.”

"field" includes performers Brandon Collwes, Joseph Giordano, Forrest Hersey, Thomas Welsh-Huggins, Julia Jurgilewicz, Jamie Scott, and Claire Westby. The creative team includes production manager Amith A. Chandrashaker and company manager Elizabeth Dement.




Peak Performances Executive Director Jedediah Wheeler says in a release, “In my experience, few artists in any field make work as rigorous or luminous as Liz Gerring’s. Such artists need uncommon resources to discover and maintain their artistic vision and it’s our privilege to support her and her collaborators as they time and again open our eyes to new performance possibilities.”

It begins with an “extended quartet for the company's four males, during which each dancer remains fixed to a single point, surveying and testing the boundaries and possibilities of his relation to his colleagues. This structure breaks down as new configurations emerge, with the continuous spatial shifting of restless bodies remaining the one constant. Composer Michael J. Schumacher creates a sonic stagescape wherein the sounds of radios, TVs, and megaphones seem to to emerge from invisible sources while Wierzel’s kinetic lighting design enhances the immersive experience.”

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