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Just because our holiday season will look a little different this year doesn’t mean that classic holiday over-indulging has to be out of the question. This holiday season is all about self-care, and I took the time to go around Montclair and find some of the best sweet treats to make self-care that much easier. Whether you are spending the holidays with your immediate family at home or are spending them solo, here are some delicious desserts to either start or end your day. 



Plum Bakery is an excellent place to shop for the gluten-free eaters at your holiday table, but their confections are sure to have eaters of all kinds smiling. 

My pick is Plum’s pumpkin muffin. The muffin has a perfectly crispy top and a soft, doughy center, perfect for sharing, or keeping all to yourself.  The muffin’s pumpkin flavor is subtle, but not overly sweet. 

It’s a great treat for those who like pumpkin regardless of whether it’s a pumpkin spice

Pumpkin muffin from Plum Bakery. STEVEN DESALVO/FOR MONTCLAIR LOCAL

latte or a good pumpkin pie. 

If you are looking for some fuel before a long day of cooking, this pumpkin muffin is perfect in the morning warmed up with jam (I prefer raspberry!). If you want to have it after dinner it pairs well with coffee, tea or whatever cordial you might be having. 

Be sure to check out Plum Bakery for other tasty gluten-free baked goods and breads you might need. The last day to make special orders for Thanksgiving is Saturday, Nov. 21.







Next up is the cinnamon roll from Le French Dad. A relative newcomer to Montclair, this spot specializes in outstanding French breads of all kinds, from baguettes to pain d’epi, but they also have an amazing array of pastries and cookies. 

For this year’s holiday table I would recommend Le French Dad’s cinnamon roll. The flaky edges of this roll give you a croissant feel, all while maintaining the soft, almost custardlike inside with a sweet cinnamon filling. My favorite part has to be the icing drizzle on top, which has the perfect amount of sweetness. 

These cinnamon rolls are quite large, so they are easy to share. All Le French Dad items can be ordered online and delivered through UberEats. Just like Plum Bakery, be sure to order your holiday treats from Le French Dad in advance to ensure that your favorites are not sold out. 

Pecan pie from Marcel Bakery & Kitchen. STEVEN DESALVO/FOR MONTCLAIR LOCAL


Last but certainly not least is the pecan pie from Marcel Bakery & Kitchen. You might not think to head to this go-to lunch spot in Upper Montclair for dessert, but it does have some of the best baked treats in town. 

This pecan pie is topped with tons of delectable, crunchy whole pecans. Inside, there is a substantial amount of rich, buttery filling, with the perfect mixtures of holiday-inspired flavors and spices. The filling is followed by a thin crust that perfectly ties the entire pie together. 

My suggestion is to top it with your favorite vanilla ice cream and serve it warm for the ideal end to a day full of eating. If you want to taste this pie before you buy, Marcel also sells it by the slice. Marcel Bakery and Kitchen delivers in Montclair and the surrounding area. 

I hope these desserts (or breakfasts) treat you and your family well this holiday season. This year has certainly been challenging, but there is still a lot to be thankful for. 

I am thankful for the delicious Montclair food scene and the opportunity to highlight some of the best dishes and treats this town has to offer. I love being able to support local businesses during this difficult time; I hope you do the same. 

Whether it’s ordering a pie or having a meal out during these next few weeks, your patronage matters to the small businesses in this town. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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