On Jan. 16, the residents of South End Gardens (senior community) in Montclair were recipients of the Charles H. Bullock School’s Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day  project. 

Children and their parents delivered bags of toiletries and a full lunch to us seniors. The  building was not at its best, as it is in the middle of renovations. The hallway walls were without the yet-to-be-delivered wallpaper and may have appeared fairly bleak to the  families. However, the children’s joy and enthusiasm – plus the tasty lunch – enlivened everyone’s spirits and put the “light” to the phrase “Have a Great Day!” 

This is not the first time Charles H. Bullock has reached out to South End Gardens. The school has performed many acts of service in previous years, and we have appreciated each and every effort. 

Thank you, Charles H. Bullock School! 

Augusta Ellen Madyun 
South End Gardens resident