I just listened to Mayor Sean Spiller’s State of the Township address, and the mention he made of the Wellmont Arts Plaza — emphasizing his role in creating it and getting it up and running.

He claims a lot of credit for the “wonderful” benefits the plaza and the theater supposedly have for Montclair, but he made no mention of the negative effects on the neighborhood.

There are people who live on Seymour Street, who live on Roosevelt Place, who live on South Willow Street, who on a regular basis have to put up with the noise, the trash, the obscenities, the traffic and the inebriated patrons that come with almost every concert at the Wellmont Theater.

All you need to do is check the police blotter and see how many complaints are logged every time there’s a concert there. Plus, if you walk by the plaza, as I do on a regular basis, there’s basically nobody there except for young people who skateboard, blast their stereos and smoke dope.

So all this huffing and puffing about how great the theater and the arts plaza are for Montclair is a bunch of nonsense.

Mel Hyman


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