From May 19 through the end of June, Montclair Local Nonprofit News is conducting its first dedicated membership drive — asking you to support independent journalism in support of the Montclair community.

It's not unlike the membership drives conducted by your favorite public radio station or public television station. We're always grateful for your support, but for the next several weeks, we'll be driving home that message on our site, in our social media, in our paper and through our partnerships. Make your recurring donation through the form below, or scroll down to learn more about why we're taking on this drive now.

Why a membership drive? Montclair Local has put out appeals for support before, most notably in last year's "Save Montclair Local" fourth-quarter campaign, helping us move past a key financial hurdle. We collected more than $300,000 in donations in the fourth quarter of 2022 — more than we'd ever received in such a short time. We were beyond humbled.

Many of those contributions came in the form of one-time gifts, large and small.
They gave us the security to fund the hard work of our journalists well into 2022. It brought us closer to a point of financial sustainability than ever before. But that work is ongoing, and we need you with us for the long haul.

We're asking you to become a sustaining member. Montclair Local's expenses approach $800,000 per year. Our single largest expense is our single largest asset — the team of journalists whose work for the Montclair community just earned our paper the New Jersey Press Association's top honor for the fourth year in a row. It's that team that saw you through Ida, that helped prepare you for last year's vote on whether to have an elected school board, that shed light on accusations of troubling activity among Montclair school employees, that explores the culture and lived experience of this community through the Our Montclair video and podcast series, that's working on getting you answers about the recent deadly police chase, about township officials' plans to bond for millions of dollars, about potential deep cuts to schools' staffs.

Your recurring contribution of $10 per month as a sustaining member or more will help us continue that sort of journalism indefinitely. It will give us a stable, ongoing base of funding that lets us plan for the future. As a member, you'll receive our print edition every Thursday. And you'll help us ensure all community members, including those who can't afford memberships, can read Montclair Local for free at and on the Montclair Local app. We believe the community is at its best when it's well-informed. Your contribution helps us to do that.

As always, we’re humbled by the support so many have shown us. Thank you for considering becoming a sustaining member, to ensure Montclair Local can serve the community for years to come.